Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed Review

Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed Review


Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed Review provides you with the profound details of an airbed usable indoors and outdoors. The contents are revealing and impactful. Check it out!

Reignite the thrills of togetherness. Give a new taste to life by trying out something new with camping and Viking by getting an airbed first to make unrestricted comfort and location choices.

Indeed, the best air mattress that would magnify your level of comfort while you’re miles away from home is this Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed.

Whether you’re at home or in camp, this airbed will soothe your conveniences. It’s an inflatable air mattress that comes with a bag. The bag makes the saving of the air mattress premium.

It becomes handy after compactly saving it in the luggable bag that comes with its delivery. Meanwhile, it’s the same bag that prevents the air mattress from quick spoilage as most other premiums are vulnerable to encountering often.

Plush fabric top with quilted seams around the edges is a goal for those with an unquenchable desire for optimum convenience for their families. Consequently, that’s precisely what this airbed with a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds can offer.

The even surface doesn’t become sloppy regardless of the level of weight exerted in it. Irrespective of the loathsomeness that you’ve got for synthetic air mattresses, you should let that go by purchasing this factory-tested product. It’s what can make your dreams come true.

You might even need to check out the futuristic of this product in order to be sure.

Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed Review | 5 Major Features

1.Inflatable Air Mattress

This air mattress rises at an altitude of 18inches above the floor when fully inflated. The inflation of this with the built-in pump system takes up to three minutes only. Coleman SupportRest Elite Double

You can regulate the air-fill to moderate size with the apparatus it has got to suit your conveniences. Nonetheless, it’s firm and rigid with the plastic base you’ll find underneath it.

Whether you inflate or deflate it, the processes are just so easy. It gives a great rectangular shape when fully inflated. Furthermore, the mattress pad at the top enhances the luxurious treats that users benefit from using this product.

However, new buyers are prone to experiencing bumpy cushions in the middle of the airbed in the first few uses. This goes away as users continually use it anyway.

2. SwiftRise Pump

Although this doesn’t come with an external pump, the built-in motorized pump, which is a concept of the SwiftRise technology, will gratify your conveniences awesomely.

The pump has a cord that you’d need to plug in the power outlet that’s close to you. It’s not one that automatically re-inflates at night; rather, you can use the switch to determine when to re-inflate the airbed.

While inflating the mattress, it takes approximately 3min for the air mattress to be completely air-filled, but it takes 5-7min for the air to deflate when you opt for the deflate option.

And, you can choose to use an external air pump instead of the built-in pump. There is a hole by the side which you can use to do that perfectly.

3. Size

The dimension of the air mattress is 78 X 60 X 18inches. It’s a Queen-size airbed that fits queen-size bedsheets properly.

There is a mattress pillow that really supports the cleaving of the sheet onto the mattress while users are on it. The quilted seams around the mattress pad augment the supports of sleepers as it prevents them from drooping.

Also, the durable plastic at the base is dependable. Overall, the entire system that makes up the air mattress is just so perfect to use in camps and at home.

The max weight capacity of this air mattress is 600 pounds. Meanwhile, its weight, when folded in a bag, is 21 pounds.

4. Airtight System

Buyers don’t complain about tears when it comes to this product. The cotton content in this is even throughout the entire part of the air mattress, and it’s well shielded. Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed with Quilted Top

As the thin cotton fabric saves the air vehemently, so likewise the airtight system that comprises a double lock valve and a support lock on it.

The support lock enables maximum stableness of the weight exerting on the mattress and the mattress itself. There would not be pointed sides or imbalances when one lies on it.

Two people can use this at a time. Although the screech that emanates from the base is massive, yet it all depends on the manner of placement on your pavements and patios. You can control the use of this awesomely.

5. Compact Bag

All essential accessories and components come with this. You’ll find a compact bag with the delivery of this product.

With the bag, you can save the air mattress easily. It won’t lose its potent by folding and saving it. Rather, it will elongate its use. The compact bag has a zipper which makes the saving so easy and perfect.

Product Benefits
  • It comes with a compact bag.
  • This has a shielded plastic base which makes it safe from punctures in any form.
  • It’s usable in homes and outdoors for camping or recreational purposes.
  • It’s a synthetic airbed that comes well shielded. The top has a mattress pad with a zipper around it.
  • There are quilted seams that could make sleeping full of conveniences.
  • This doesn’t lose shape as some others do. It’s even on all sides and has a max weight capacity of 600 pounds.
  • An entire family can use this.
The Negative Things
  • It screeches loudly if not properly corrected.
  • There is a high tendency for bumpiness in the middle at the first few attempts of use.

Personal Insight on Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed

Having extensively used and reviewed various air mattresses, my experience with the Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed has been particularly noteworthy. This mattress stands out for its robust construction, comfort, and user-friendly features, making it a top contender.

One of the aspects I appreciate most about the Coleman SupportRest Elite is its double-high design. This feature enhances the ease of getting in and out of bed and provides a sense of sleeping on a traditional bed rather than an air mattress. The added height can be a game-changer for users who find lower mattresses challenging, especially those with mobility issues.

Another point worth mentioning is this mattress’s durability. It’s built to withstand the rigors of frequent use, making it an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor settings. During my testing, it showed remarkable resistance to wear and tear, maintaining its structural integrity and comfort over time.

Comfort is paramount with any mattress, and the Coleman SupportRest Elite doesn’t disappoint. It is coil construction and firm support mimic the feel of a conventional mattress, providing an excellent sleep experience. The soft top adds a touch of luxury and helps keep bedding in place, a thoughtful detail that enhances its overall functionality.

However, every product has its drawbacks. At the same time, the Coleman SupportRest Elite is relatively easy to inflate and deflate; its bulkiness, when not in use, could be a concern for those with limited storage space. Additionally, while it holds air well, like all air mattresses, it may require occasional re-inflation to maintain the desired firmness over multiple nights.

In conclusion, my personal experience with the Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed has been overwhelmingly positive. It offers a compelling mix of comfort, convenience, and durability. While it may have minor limitations, its strengths make it a solid choice for anyone seeking a reliable, comfortable air mattress.


Why Should You Use Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed?

Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed with Quilted  1. Year Warranty

There is a warranty that comes with this air mattress. The warranty covers the air pump and the mattress itself. It even comes with a manual that makes the assembling of the airbed easier on its delivery.

2. Savable

Aged people can use this because of the stability it gives. There is a zipper that is close to the mattress pad at the top. Folding this up won’t make it lose its shape. It’s an air mattress that you can use for 15 years or more.

3. Durable

This elite air mattress is what you can use for a long time. Remember, it has a covered plastic base, which makes it resistant to punctures. Cotton doesn’t lose its firmness support, and the synthetic cover makes cleaning the exterior part so easy.

4. Factory-Tested

Expect nothing less from this product that’s made by a renowned brand, Coleman, but an absolute quality. This doesn’t flare chemicals in any form. It’s what young folks and adults can use.

5. Highly Attractive

Mere looking at it from a distance, you can tell of its flourishing design that’s breathtaking. You can maintain the airbed because it’s easy to clean and save.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How soft is the top of the air mattress?

It’s soft and firm. The cotton mattress pad will make one’s body super ache-free after using the mattress.

Can I use a mattress sheet for this one? If yes, what size?

Yes, you can use a mattress sheet for this one. It’s even a better way of preserving its significance. Nonetheless, use a queen-size bed sheet to cover the mattress.

How can I contact the manufacturer?

Use the manufacturer’s website to do that.

Would it be convenient for three people to sleep on it at the same time?

Yes, but as long as their total weight capacity is less than 600 pounds.

How often should I clean it?

It depends on your wants.

Why are taller air mattresses better?

Taller air mattresses, like the Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed, are often considered better because they provide a bed-like experience, making it easier to get in and out of bed, especially for those with mobility issues. The increased height mimics the feel of a traditional bed and can offer improved insulation from cold floors. Additionally, taller air mattresses are often more robust, providing better support and comfort than thinner, lower-profile models.

How long does it take to inflate a Coleman air mattress?

The inflation time for a Coleman air mattress can vary depending on the model and the pump used. Generally, a Coleman air mattress, such as the SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed, can be inflated in about 3 to 5 minutes with an electric pump. Manual pumps may take longer, and the exact time will depend on the mattress size and the pump’s efficiency.

Should you deflate an air mattress every day?

It’s unnecessary to deflate an air mattress daily, primarily if it’s being used regularly. However, deflating and storing it after each use can extend lifespan by reducing pressure on the seams and material. For those using an air mattress temporarily, daily deflation helps to manage space and maintain the mattress’s condition. For long-term use, periodic inflation adjustments may be needed to maintain comfort and support.

Which air bed is good?

A good air bed should be durable, comfortable, easy to inflate and deflate, and suitable for the intended use. For example, the Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed is well-regarded for its durability, comfort level, and ease of use. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making it versatile. When choosing an air bed, consider the material quality, pump type, height, and user reviews to ensure it meets your needs and preferences.

Final Verdict

The Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed emerges as a robust and comfortable choice in air mattresses, distinguishing itself through its user-friendly features and durability. Its double-high design facilitates easier access and provides a sleeping experience reminiscent of traditional beds, which is a significant advantage for those prioritizing comfort and convenience.
The mattress’s construction is designed to withstand regular use, making it a reliable option for indoor and outdoor environments. Its comfort, with its stable support and plush top, mirrors the quality and feel of a more permanent bedding solution, showcasing Coleman’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction.
While considerations like storage space and periodic inflation checks are necessary, they do not overshadow SupportRest Elite’s overall value and performance. It is a testament to Coleman’s commitment to delivering products that enhance the camping and home guest experience.
In conclusion, for those searching for a durable, comfortable, and practical air mattress, the Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed warrants serious consideration. Its blend of features, quality construction, and thoughtful design aligns well with the needs and expectations of most users, making it a standout option in the competitive air mattress market.

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