Sleep Affirmations: Do They Work

Positive affirmations can help people achieve their goals if they’re written in the bathroom mirror or spoken out loud. However, what about sleep affirmations? Are they effective as well? We’ll explore the research behind sleep affirmations and how people utilize them to boost their sleep and reach their goals.

What are sleep affirmations?

The words of sleep affirmations are positive ones to repeat before bed or while they fall asleep. They usually take the form of inspiring phrases, “I am” statements and mantras. People use them to ease anxiety and create a sense of calm. Many people utilize sleep affirmations to help manifest their goals, including finding love or making more money.

Sleep Affirmations vs. Meditation

While they’re often used interchangeably, affirmation and meditation aren’t identical. Affirmations concentrate on what could be, whereas meditation directs the focus to what’s in front of you. Many people utilize meditation to help slow and block out distracting thoughts. Affirmations are mainly employed to boost confidence and effect the desired changes.

Sleep Affirmations: Do They Work

Numerous apps can aid people in finding the calm and peace they need before bedtime. Please look at our Calm and Headspace comparisons to determine the most suitable app for your requirements. If you’re having difficulty falling asleep, these methods can aid you.

What Do Sleep Affirmations Mean? Is Effective?

Human brains can be prone to misinterpret reality with imagination, which is why when someone says an affirmative phrase, they believe in it. Then, their actions will begin to align with the new beliefs and could lead them to the desired result.

It’s essential to remember that although affirmations to sleep are a potent instrument to manifest the life you desire, they aren’t a magic wand. It would be best if you took action to effect permanent changes.

The power of the Subconscious Mind

When we sleep, our conscious mind can rest, and the subconscious assumes control. This is why many people think about issues they must overcome – their subconscious is working out the details as they slip into REM sleep.

The power of the Subconscious Mind

Suppose you repeat affirmations before bed or listen to them while you sleep and allow your unconscious mind to absorb information. In the end, your conscious mind will take the affirmation as factual and firmly establish it as an entirely new idea.

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Benefits of Sleeping in the Bed Affirmations

Affirmations at bedtime can boost your feeling of well-being and can bring about positive changes. Let’s take review the benefits of affirmations before bed.

Concentrate on Positivity and avoid negative thoughts.

The bedtime affirmations can help you focus your attention off of negative thoughts. Even when you’re having an emotional time, positive affirmations can teach your brain to see the positive side of things. As time passes, it will make your subconscious mind search for ways to align with this positive mindset.

Confidence Boost

A lot of bedtime affirmations focus on building self-esteem, and when they are repeated frequently enough, they will help people feel more confident in their everyday lives.

Vivid Dreams

If you’ve wished to live within your dreams longer, affirmations could aid you! Many people do sleep affirmations before bed to help to keep their mind and body in check in a dream. We refer to this as lucid dreams, which could be more straightforward than you believe!

Benefits of Sleeping in the Bed Affirmations

Reminding yourself that “I could fly in my dreams this evening” will help your subconscious mind transform the dream into a real-life scenario. It is also beneficial to teach your brain to be aware of the various stages of sleep. For instance, repeating your mantra “I am tired” before you go to sleep could keep you awake as you drift into the dream.

Faster Decision Making

Researchers have observed a connection between positive affirmations and rapid decision-making. This could be because affirmations boost the prefrontal cortex as well as the hippocampus, which are the regions of the brain that are responsible for making decisions. Every day affirmations can also aid in understanding oneself more clearly, reducing the amount of time spent thinking about and assisting people in making quick decisions.

Enhanced Brain Activity

Research has shown positive affirmations can aid people in thinking clearer and tackling complex issues. This could be because self-affirmations can make people feel more secure when faced with difficult situations. Instead of being rushed into action, they could consider the issue and respond calmly.

How to Rehearse Affirmations for Bedtime

It’s easy to tell your children bedtime affirmations; however, specific strategies can help you get the most out of your routine.

Create a Relaxing Environment

First of all, ensure your bedroom is calm and peaceful. If you’re soiled with clothes lying around or food leftovers on your bedside table, you might be unable to focus on positive affirmations. Are you in need of assistance? Please take a look at our complete guide on creating the perfect environment for sleep.

Lie Down

Afterward, you can snuggle up in the bed and lie on your mattress. Relax as the mattress cushions your joints, and feel the tension ease away.

Concentrate on the Relaxation of Your Breath

Relax and take a few deep breaths after repeating the mantra. This can help relax your parasympathetic nervous system as well as reduce anxiety.

Get Over Your Doubts, fears, and worries.

In the beginning, affirming your sleep may seem odd. Beware of the temptation to criticize yourself; instead, take the time to be fully present with the experience.

How to Rehearse Affirmations for Bedtime

Repetition or Listen to your Affirmations

It’s now time to start your affirmation. You can gently repeat the affirmation loudly, silently, or listen to it on the speaker. Whichever method you use, be sure to focus on the words and avoid external distractions.

Give it time

There will be no outcomes immediately, but this is fine. The best results are achieved over time, so stay with the exercise, and the subconscious will ingrain the affirmations into new habits. In time, the actions and outcomes will be evident.

How Much Time Does It Take to See Results?

It takes 22 to 66 days to observe the results of an affirmation for sleep. The amount of time is dependent on the individual’s subconscious mind. However, remember that this practice will only work if you take action are taken in the direction of. It would be best if you didn’t solely rely on affirmations to make the change you wish to be able to see.

Sleep Affirmation Examples

Affirmations to sleep can solve a myriad of issues. However, it’s essential to use them confidently. It is generally recommended to use phrases such as “I have always been” and “everything can be.” If your affirmation is doubtful and your mind isn’t sure, it will stay the same beliefs it has held for a long time.

If you’re looking for help finding the most effective sleep affirmations take a look! There are many useful YouTube playlists you can listen to while drifting off.

Sleep Affirmations to Heal

  • I am healthy and strong.
  • I am in a place of peace and love.
  • It is possible to heal.
  • I am getting better every day.

Sleep Affirmations to Success for Success

  • I am intelligent and strong.
  • I improve as a leader each day.
  • I am worthy of the beautiful things that are in my direction.
  • I am intelligent and driven.

Sleep Affirmations for Anxiety and Sleep

  • I’m at peace, and I can trust myself.
  • I breathe peace while exhaling anxiety.
  • Have everything I require.
  • I am feeling well-anchored and calm.

Please look at our article on meditation to help with insomnia and anxiety to know more.

Sleep Affirmations to Confirm Your Confidence

  • I trust myself.
  • I am a huge asset.
  • It’s a bright future.
  • I am living my dream.

Sleep Affirmations to Gratitude for the Gratitude

  • I am grateful to live in a place that is full of possibilities.
  • I am thankful for the beauty of nature.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to follow my desires.
  • I am grateful for the little things.

Get to sleep and stay asleep by using these bedtime affirmations.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get and remain in bed. Affirmations to sleep can help; however, they’re not the only option for relaxation. Here are some options to help you relax and unwind.

Sleep Apps

Sleep apps could assist if you’re trying to discover more about the cycle of your sleep or are looking for ways to relax before going to bed. RISE Science assists people in removing debt from sleep, and ShutEye gives you fascinating information regarding your sleep quality. Check out our top list of sleep apps for more choices.

Get to sleep and stay asleep by using these bedtime affirmations.

White Noise Machine

Because white noise has a variety of sounds, it helps in reducing background noise. This is especially useful for those living in noisy areas who experience difficulties falling asleep or getting asleep. Check out our selection of the top white noise machines for excellent alternatives.


Some people prefer silence while they are asleep, while others prefer to listen to music while they catch some ZZzs. If you’re in the second group, look at this free music playlist made with sleep specialists. This playlist features relaxing soundscapes, ambient sounds and soothing sounds for sleep.

Get to sleep

Binaural Beats

If you hear two tones that are different in frequency, The brain interprets the sound as a new beat. This is referred to as the binaural beat, and research suggests that it may assist people in sleeping better. Similar to white noise, binaural beats aid in drowning out background noise. It can also assist sleepers in relaxing before bed.


Yoga promotes deep breathing and meditation. This can reduce anxiety and stress before going to bed. To find out more, check out our complete article, where meditation and yoga experts offer tips for sleeping.

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