How To Stop Air Mattress From Deflating

Are you fascinated with the way your air mattress deflates even when you’ve not removed the valve cover? Of course, suggestions such as doubts whether the product was expertly made or not would run through your mind, especially if you’re a newbie.

But guess what? All air mattress deflates regardless of type you use. Although there could be discrepancies with the rate at which they deflate, yet they all collapse.

The design of the air mattress is not the issue. Three fundamental factors cause high deflation in air mattresses.  And, the factors are temperature, gross weight, and the positioning of the mattress.

However, these are apparent cause to consider if you’re using your air mattress for the very first time. But, if you’ve been using the air mattress and it seems it becomes worsened this period, then it could be that there are punctures on it or the valve has become weakened to its airtight or damaged.

Whatever the case is, this article would assist you in maintaining the thickness of your air mattress for an extended period. So, check the eight points to doing that:

8 Things to Consider about How to Stop Air Mattress from Deflating:

1. Positioning of the Air Mattress

Have you noticed that this deflation happens mainly in the night? Yes! I meant comparatively. Unlike during the day that you can take a nap for hours and feel super relish with its effectiveness in maintaining the amount of air.

The cause for the irregularities could be the positioning.  Positioning your air mattress on a rough/irregular surface without proper bedding could cause it.

Also, placing it in a region of high altitude could cause leakage. For example, using your air mattress on an elevated bed could cause the air to effuse.

Therefore, make sure that you position some clothes underneath and some bedding at the top so that the surface could be thick enough.

2. Body Position

Air mattress is not a trampoline, and it shouldn’t be seen as such. Therefore, the gross weight occupying the spaces should be put on check. You are expected to lay on it only.

You can sit on the edges or stand with your two feet on its top, but make sure too many persons are not doing that at a time because a body exerts more weight when standing or sitting than lying on an opposite body/material.

In a nutshell, many persons can lay on an air mattress, but too many persons are not expected to sit or stand on it for a long time, especially after the air mattress has been inflated. Also, you exert lesser weight when you lay on the air mattress with your back than with your stomach.

3. Control Overloading

Although some persons don’t share their air mattress, yet they load it with quite a good number of materials. It is incredible using bedding, no doubt, but the thick ones can make your mattress deflate its air quickly.

The amount of pressure that acts on the body of the mattress matters a lot. However, since most air mattresses are made of PVC, they tend to regain their original shape after they’ve been stretched.

Nonetheless, the time range of use could cause the elasticity of the PVC to depreciate. Therefore, you should utilize it judiciously since the implication can create air to force out in their infinitesimals.

4. Temperature

Temperature is a big factor for the loss of air in ai mattress. Using your air mattress in a cold region would cause the stored air to be effuse than in a warm area.

So, always keep the light glowing in your tent while you use your air mattress. Peradventure you’re using your air mattress in a cold room, then you can place the air mattress beside the window and get the curtains removed so that the ray of sun can penetrate the room.

However, lit up the room if you’re using it in a tent at the noon of the day. This act would aid you in avoiding deflation while using your air mattress.

5. Proper Maintenance

  • Deflate the air from the mattress as soon as you’re done with the use.
  • Make sure that you fold the air mattress before saving it in a box.
  • Make sure that you check the environment that you’re laying it before you position it there.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals when washing it.
  • Make sure that you sundry the air mattress before you continue with its use.
  • Imbibe the instructions so that you can have a safe use of the mattress.
  • 2-3 persons at most are expected to lay on it at a point in time.
  • Make sure that you check the air mattress always to find out sudden changes.

6. Identification of Punctures

  • Remove the covers on the top and the bedding from the air mattress for apt visibility.
  • Ensure that the air mattress is still inflated while you carefully check for punctures on the air mattress.
  • Flip it forth and back until you find the puncture.
  • However, you could check the seam and find out the side that has an odd or loosed stitches.
  • Check the valve also to know if the leakage is from this spot.
  • Do this is a room or a secluded region that’s calm.

7. Repairs

  • Having discovered the spot, get a malleable plastic with a glue.
  • Apply the glue to the edges of the spot. Also, simultaneously apply the glue around the malleable plastic.
  • Ensure that there is no water on the air mattress.
  • Doff off dirt from the mattress so that you can have the secure placement of the plastic.
  • Provided the leakage is at the seams, then you might need to stitch it again before you glue it so that the cut won’t expand.

8. Replacement

If you find it difficult to stop the leakages, then the best thing to do is to replace the air mattress. Purchase another one that you can use for a long time.

Final Verdict

That is how to stop air mattress from deflating. The steps that are stated here are practical and those that anyone can imbibe. We advise you to approach your need with the use of this piece systematically. It would aid you immensely.