OlarHike Queen Size Air Mattress Review

OlarHike Queen Size Air Mattress

OlarHike is one of the leading air mattress brands, and it lives up to expectation with this product. The brand distinguishes itself with its 2-year return and refund warranty. If the mattress begins to leak without any reason, you’ll get a replacement without returning it. Isn’t that encouraging?

Its inner coil air beam provides all-night support, so you won’t experience any sinking or bulging of the air bed. Its in-built pump will either inflate or deflate the bed in about 4 – 5 minutes.

When you plug it into a socket, you turn the control clockwise to inflate it and turn it anticlockwise to deflate it. The carry bag that comes with the mattress can also be used as its storage bag.

So, it is safe for you, your kids, your pets, and your aged parents. You can buy it for yourself, and you can present it to someone else as a gift. Its skid-free base prevents it from skidding even if your baby is jumping on it. We won’t talk about its water-resistance since every air mattress is waterproof.

It is indeed a queen size air mattress since it has an 80-inch length and a 60-inch width. Any mattress that is up to 60 inches wide can easily contain two adults at the same time. We also love its 18-inch height.

You’ll love the dimension. The mattress can only hold a maximum weight of 600 pounds. Never exceed the weight if you don’t want a leakage to occur. We believe that a weight of 18 pounds is perfect for a mattress of its size and quality.

Its high Amazon rating of 3.7 stars didn’t come as a shock to us. You shouldn’t be surprised about it too. The product is good, and its current rating confirms it.

OlarHike Queen Size Air Mattress Review: 5 Major Features

1. ComfortAir Mattress

Like we always do, we tested this mattress and found out that it is very comfortable. Several members of our team slept on it for several hours each, and they all gave the same report about its comfort level.

The mattress is comfortable. In addition, many of its customer reviews also corroborate this fact. If comfort is all you want in an air mattress, don’t look further.

This mattress is all you need. You will enjoy sleeping on it all through the night. Its flocked top and anti-skid bottom both boost its comfort level. Its comfort level is the main reason we will recommend the mattress to people.

2. 60-Inch Width

As mentioned earlier, any mattress that has a 60-inch width can easily contain two adults or three kids. This is why it is a great choice for anyone expecting sleepover guests. We are approaching holiday seasons, so this is the best time to have this mattress at home.

Imagine a situation where you received an unexpected guest that will be sleeping over. You can easily set this bed up for him. The mattress is also good for you and your spouse. You will appreciate it whenever you’re moving from one apartment to another.

You can set it up after packing your traditional bed. When you get to your new apartment, you’re likely to be too tired to arrange anything. So, you can sleep on this mattress on the first night.

3. Quick Inflation and DeflationOlarHike Air Mattress

Another reason why we selected this mattress for review is its inflation speed. Inflating this mattress will take you less than 4 minutes. And so is its deflation.

You don’t even have to stand by why inflating it. It has a feature that stops the inflation process whenever it is fully inflated. The ease of inflation is also important.

Just plug in its cord and turn the control either clockwise or anticlockwise. The former is for inflation, while the latter is for deflation.

4. Unique Warranty

This air bed comes with a 2-year warranty. When you notice a leak in the mattress within the first two years of your purchase, contact the manufacturer, and you will get a replacement.

What really blew us away about the warranty is that you don’t need to return the faulty one before you get a replacement or a refund.

That is quite commendable. We carried out some investigation to confirm if OlarHike has been fulfilling its warranty promise. The result is in the affirmative. The manufacturer has been replacing leaking mattresses for buyers. We give kudos to OlarHike.

5. 18-Inch Height

We love its height. We actually prefer mattresses that are at least 15 inches tall. One reason for this is that it is more pleasurable to be high up above the floor. You’ll also agree that it is easier to get out of taller beds than lower ones.

One more thing – you only need to bend over to lay your baby on an 18 inches tall bed. If the mattress is too low, you’ll need to kneel down to either lay your baby on the bed or pick him up.

So, we’re a fan of tall air mattresses. We like the 18-inch height of the mattress.  You should appreciate the height too.

Product Benefits
  • The mattress weighs only 18.01 pounds.
  • It has a current Amazon rating of 3.7 stars.
  • You’ll be 18 inches above the floor when lying on it.
  • It can take a maximum weight of 600 pounds.
  • The dimension of the mattress is 80 inches by 60 inches.
  • A width of 60 inches will make it possible for the mattress to contain two adults at the same time, as long as their total weight does not exceed 600 pounds.
  • Its internal pump inflates and deflates it.
  • Both inflation and deflation each takes about 4 – 5 minutes.
  • It has a 2-year warranty.
  • The mattress is very comfortable.
  • It has a carry bag.
The Negative Things
  • The mattress does not have a manual pump.
  • It loses a little air, so you may need to top it up every 2 – 3 days.

FAQ Section: OlarHike Queen Size Air Mattress Review

1. What is the warranty on the OlarHike air mattress?

The OlarHike Queen Size Air Mattress typically has a standard warranty, but the duration and coverage may vary based on the model and where you purchase it. It’s essential to check the specific product details or contact the manufacturer or retailer for accurate warranty information. This warranty usually covers defects in materials and artistry.

2. Is it OK to sleep on an air mattress every night?

While air mattresses, including the OlarHike Queen Size, are primarily designed for temporary or occasional use, they can be suitable for everyday use if needed. However, it’s essential to consider factors like comfort, support, and durability for long-term use. Regular maintenance and proper inflation can extend the lifespan and comfort of the mattress for nightly use.

3. Can two people sleep on a queen-size air mattress?

Yes, a queen-size air mattress, like the OlarHike Queen Size, is designed to comfortably accommodate two people. It provides adequate space for both individuals to sleep without feeling cramped. The mattress’s weight capacity and dimensions should be considered to ensure comfort and stability for both sleepers.

4. How do you make an air mattress feel like a real bed?

To enhance the comfort of an air mattress like the OlarHike Queen Size and make it feel more like a traditional bed, you can:

  • Use a high-quality mattress topper to add extra cushioning.
  • Dress the mattress with comfortable, soft bedding, including fitted sheets, blankets, and pillows.
  • Keep the mattress inflated to an optimal level, neither too firm nor too soft, to mimic the feel of a regular mattress.
  • Place the air mattress on a soft surface or a dedicated frame to elevate it and enhance stability.

5. What is the life expectancy of an air mattress?

The life expectancy of an air mattress, such as the OlarHike Queen Size, varies depending on usage, care, and quality. Generally, a well-maintained air mattress used occasionally can last several years. Factors that affect its longevity include the frequency of use, how it’s stored, and adherence to weight limits and care instructions.

6. Which mattress has a 10-year warranty?

Many traditional mattresses offer a 10-year warranty, a standard in the mattress industry. These warranties typically cover manufacturing defects and significant sagging but not normal wear and tear or damage from misuse. It’s essential to check with the specific manufacturer for the exact terms and conditions of the warranty.

Buying Guides – How to Buy OlarHike Queen Size Air Mattress?

Queen Size Air Mattress

An air mattress is different from other kinds of products, so you need to apply certain tips when buying this mattress. We have shared the tips with you below.

1. Check it user reviews

Despite giving you a detailed review of this product, we will still advise you to check what users are saying about the product. It is not only to check if the product is good.

It is also to learn how to make the best use of it. We only tested it for a few days. So, we can’t have as much information as people that have been using it for weeks, months, or even years.

2. Buy it from Amazon

It is advisable to buy the mattress from Amazon. We need to let you know that we are not affiliated with Amazon, and we are not promoting the brand in any way.

It is our opinion that you should buy the mattress from Amazon because the platform offers fantastic prices, and they offer a 30-day return window, which is very important in the purchase of an air mattress.

You need a return widow in the purchase of an air mattress because you can’t possibly detect any leak without inflating it. Hence, you need to test it for some days first.

3. You must test the mattress quickly

You must take advantage of the return window. To do that, you need to test your mattress as quickly as possible. So, if there’s a problem with it, you’ll be able to return it before the return window closes.

It can be painful to detect a problem with your purchased product after the return window has closed. You’ll end up with a product you can’t use.

4. Check warranty terms

This mattress comes with a 2-year warranty.  However, it is likely to be for only air leaks. Other issues may not be covered. We will advise you to study the warranty terms and ask questions about it.

You need to understand the terms very well. We have heard several cases of users returning a product and were told that the issue with the product is not covered in the warranty.

Some people were told that they would have to bear the shipping cost of the replacement product. To avoid issues like this, get to understand the warranty terms very well.

5. Don’t forget to compare prices

We will advise you to take advantage of marketing competition by check the price of the mattress in several stores before settling for the best price.

Final Verdict

To end this OlarHike Queen Size Air Mattress review, we say some of the reasons why we recommend this mattress are its velvety flocked top that boosts its comfortableness, its eco-friendly PVC material does not give off any offensive odor, its quick inflation, and its high comfort level.

Since Amazon often offers the best prices around, we will advise you to purchase the product from the platform. Wait a second! Black Friday is just a few days away! Retailers usually slash their prices by a huge percentage during Black Friday sales.

So, why not take advantage of Black Friday discounts to buy your air mattress? Over 20% could be slashed off the original price of the mattress.

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