The Best Heated Blankets

In the winter, many are tempted to use heating pads, while others use space heaters. They don’t give the warmth and warmth that a blanket could provide. It’s the reason why people prefer warming blankets that heat up instead of turning on the thermostat.
If you’re looking for the most comfortable heated blankets, here are the top five of my favourites and the most highly rated ones. Make sure to bundle up and continue reading to discover my top choices!

Top Rated Best Rated Sunbeam Royal Ultra Heated Blanket

Who’s It for?

Top Rated Best Rated Sunbeam Royal Ultra Heated Blanket Sunbeam comes up several times when it comes to a renowned heated blanket that is highly rated. Sunbeam Royal Ultra is one of them. Sunbeam Royal Ultra heated blanket is a favourite among the hundreds of 5 and 4 review ratings on Amazon. We wanted to see it as well.
The heated Blanket comes with different heat settings, comes in various colours, and can be washed in the machine! This model isn’t too hot; however, there won’t be any cold spots as you use it. This makes it an excellent alternative for those who require a heated blanket all year round.
The fabric’s outer layer is incredibly soft and is available in queen or king size for those who want to enjoy the warmth.


  • Sunbeam Ultra Sunbeam Ultra comes in various sizes to fit the size of your mattress.
  • It’s a cheap heated blanket, usually costing under $100 Amazon.
  • Sunbeam is one of the most well-rated and well-known brands on Amazon, with thousands of loyal customers.
  • 100 percent Polyester
  • Imported
  • Electric Blanket that is easy to use and equipped with a digital controller, 12 heat settings as well as a 12-hour automatic shutoff function that can be selected to provide peace of mind
  • Cozy, soft and comfortable royal ultra provides perfect warmth and comfort. Elegant admiral blue colour
  • 84″ x 62″, Twin size
  • Great for layering and pre-heating sheets for cold nights.
  • Machine washes and is dryer safe for simple care 100 percent Polyester

The best found on Amazon Best on Amazon Brookstone Heated Throw.

Who’s it for?

The best found on Amazon Best on Amazon Brookstone Heated Throw.

It’s been seen in the airport and the mall, But Brookstone is also available on Amazon for people who prefer to shop on the internet. It has an average 4.3-star rating from more than 500 testimonials on Amazon. A Brookstone heating blanket is an excellent option for Amazon fans out there.
Since it’s, an oversized throw blanket is ideal for those who reside in areas with warmer temperatures. Because of its low-heat option, it won’t draw excessive electricity when used.
For ease of care, it is possible to clean this one by machine, and it is available in several colours for those seeking different colours.



  • Brookstone is a well-known brand.
  • This Blanket will automatically stop after 4 hours.
  • It will consume less energy as it draws around 100 watts when it’s on.
  • Ultra plush and luxurious electric throw provides an additional layer of warmth
  • Simple one-touch built-in remote, with four heat settings and 4 Hours of automatic shutoff to ensure safety
  • 50 inches x 60 inches – Ideal size for cuddling those of average size, and also to unwind or whenever extra comfort and warmth is needed while watching TV or reviving
  • 100 100% Polyester Machine Washable Tumble Dry at Low Temperature. It is energy efficient and comes with an automatic on-and-off feature.
  • It’s a great choice to gift to people of all ages. It can be placed in any room of the home – bedroom or guest room, kids’ room and even the living room, or even taken with you on RV trips.

The Best with a Timer – Beautyrest Electric Blanket

Who’s It for?

The Best with a Timer - Beautyrest Electric BlanketSome people don’t need the continuous heat of a blanket. A few people need to lay in it for a couple of minutes to get warm to an appropriate temperature. Many blankets come with timers that automatically stop when the time runs out. Beautyrest’s Electric Blanket offers an array of time options from one hour to 10+ hours.
The Blanket is constructed of two-sided fabric, with one side comprised of a fluffy and soft microlight fabric and the other made of sherpa-textured material. The timer can be set using a single remote or two controllers on larger sizes. When it is over, the Blanket will be turned off.


  • It comes with 20 different heat levels, and you can heat the Blanket.
  • While it does have an auto shutoff at 10 hours, it is possible to set a timer to run for an hour until the 10-hour shutoff.
  • It’s made from thick sherpa and mink fabrics to help you feel even cozier.
  • Face 100% Microlight, Plush, Reverse 100%, Sherpa Berber
  • Imported
  • Heating elements that are evenly spaced offer evenly distributed heat throughout. One hundred percent UL certified and engineered to emit no EMF radiation. Security is of paramount priority to us.
  • Soft and luxurious microlight fabric with Berber in the opposite provides extra warmth during the winter cold; it ranges from 85 to 85 to 105 (depending on the surrounding area’s temperature).
  • The unit has 20 settings for heat and can be used with Smart Home Outlets, as well as automatic timers. The PRE-HEAT feature allows you to help to jumpstart warming, and the auto shutoff can be programmed from 1 to 10 hours.
  • 1 Heated Blanket Queen (90 in 84 inches) Twin and Full Size come with one controller, and larger sizes include two controllers. Oeko-Tex is certified to guarantee high-quality comfort and well-being.
  • Machine washable and convenient, disconnect it from the outlet, throw it in the washer, and carry a five-year warranty. Please do not cover the controller when it is in use to avoid the risk of overheating.

Queen-Size Queen Size Best – SoftHeat Luxurious Fleece Heated Blanket

Who’s it for?

Queen-Size Queen Size Best - SoftHeat Luxurious Fleece Heated BlanketIf you’re sharing your bed with a friend or need a heated blanket, the queen-sized option is the most popular choice for many. The good news is that heated blankets are available in all sizes of beds. If you’re looking for a queen-sized heated blanket, look at this SoftHeat Luxury Fleece heated blanket.
It’s another electric-heated blanket that offers a mild temperature, which is ideal for those who wish to be in a warm, comfortable temperature. However, this is an excellent option for those who want to reduce energy consumption since it’s a low-voltage blanket.
This Blanket is particularly suitable for couples sharing a queen-sized bed as it comes with dual controllers. Each controller is connected to a different part of the Blanket, which means that two people can set different temperatures while using the Blanket.


  • It’s a blanket with low voltage, which won’t add up to the electric bill.
  • It is available in all sizes and works well for couples that share queen – or king-size beds.
  • The product comes with a five-year warranty.
  • Polyester
  • Made in the USA or imported
  • This includes: (1) Electric Heated Blanket
  • MATERIALS: Made of ultra-soft and luxurious micro-fleece with micro-thin wires built-in to ensure evenly distributed heat without the bulk. Made from soft 100% polyester brushed ultra-soft micro-fleece with built-in thin wires that allow for more uniform heat distribution without bulkiness.
  • Features: Patented safe & Low Voltage Warm technology is secure in humidity, won’t harm pets and does not emit EMFs. Our patent-pending low-voltage system is the one mattress pad recognized as safe. One control shuts off automatically after 10 hours of use for your ease of use. Big backlit display with auto dimming feature to allow evening time adjustments without needing to turn on the lights.
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash in warm water. Tumble dry at a low setting
  • Dimensions: The queen blanket measures”84″ by 90.”

The Best with Foot Pocket Vremi Electric Blanket

Who’s it for?

The Best with Foot Pocket Vremi Electric BlanketOne of the worst issues with blankets is that it does not fully cover you, and your feet end up in the frigid cold (literally). Luckily, with the Vremi Electric blanket, there are not just one or two pockets available to put your feet in.
If you require this Blanket to maintain the correct temperature or require it to be hot, then the Vremi blanket comes with six temperature settings. If you’re looking to heat the room, its smallest setting is 85°C. If you’d like it to be hot, the Blanket rises to 110 degrees.
No matter how cold you’re looking for, It’s a well-loved blanket that has made many customers content while keeping their feet protected and warm!


  • The Blanket comes with six heat settings that range between 85 and 110 degrees.
  • It’s affordable at this price.
  • Soft and cozily fleece Blanket Get rid of the dreaded winter chill with this 50×60 inches throw Blanket. Made from top-quality fleece, it’s soft and heated to the max and is the ideal partner for winter’s cold.
  • Do not have cold Feet? The generously-sized heating blanket has two 20×25 inches foot pockets that warm your feet. The most notable feature is the pockets for feet, meaning that you can place your feet in the Blanket and stay warm and warm. Your feet will be in for delight since our heated throw that has specially designed foot warming offers rapid and uniform heat distribution to sore, aching and tired muscles.
  • 6 Heating Levels (Remote controlled) Adjust the level of heat by selecting six temperature settings to suit your comfort 85 deg F (low) and up to 110degF (high) using our easy-to-use and handy backlit remote. Note that the controller’s temperature is the temperature of the coil inside. That means the accurate feel temperature is lower than the value set by the controller.
  • It is safe to use and comes with an Autotimer – This soft Blanket comes ETL certified and is packed with safety features, including Overheat Protection. It features eight timer modes that range from 30 minutes and 4 hours, so you can program it to turn off immediately, keeping you secure and safe.
  • Machine washable fabric The Blanket we offer can be washed by hand, or machine washed using an easy, delicate cycle. Dryer safe. Be sure to disconnect all cords before washing.

What Should You Consider When Searching for the best-heated blankets?

Sure, throw blankets can help keep you warm. However, these blankets can only offer a certain amount of heat. Electric or heated blankets are an option that people seek out due to their higher warmth than a standard throw blanket.

But what are you supposed to be looking for? Let’s look at some of the most important factors when searching for the top heated blankets in the market.

How do you wash a heated electric or electric Blanket?

How do you wash a heated electric or electric Blanket?

Although it may seem contradictory, heated and electric blankets can be machine washed! Most of the blankets included in this list can be cleaned in a washing machine. They come with instructions from the manufacturer on which temperature settings to make and how to be dried.

However, spot cleaning is an excellent idea for electronic gadgets. However, overall, these blankets can be safely cleaned.

What is the best way to make heated Blankets Work?

They have a fantastic user-friendly design. External controllers can control them and are cordless or connected to them. How do they create this additional warmth?

Inside the blankets themselves, some wires traverse the blankets. When plugged in or switched on, these wires create warmth and heat. They are a better choice than turning the heating on, particularly when you’re worried about heating costs going up in the winter.

Some blankets with heating capabilities may only be able to provide a little heat due to having low watts. While this may help you save money on your electricity bill, if you’re searching for a blanket that can keep you warm, examine the temperature settings and ranges that blankets can provide.

Can you sleep with a blanket that is heated?

Yes! To ensure safety, The heated blankets are equipped with an automatic shutoff function. While this feature can vary from 4 to 12 hours, the auto-shutoff feature can stop you from heating up during the night and is believed to be secure. If the Blanket isn’t being used, leave it disconnected from the wall outlet. It can be put away.


Do heated blankets consume lots of energy?

Many blankets with weights have power cords that must be connected to walls. Some low-wattage or temperature-heated blankets draw only a little power to run. Even if the Blanket you’re looking at isn’t the most efficient in terms of power or voltage, a lot have an automatic shutoff feature that will prevent overheating and prevents the Blanket from consuming excessive electricity.

What’s the price of heated blankets?

Heated blankets can be found at a range of prices, some less than $50. This list includes three blankets that are less than $100. Specific high-end blankets could cost hundreds of dollars. The good news is that there’s bound to be a blanket to suit any budget.

It sometimes depends on your pay, but verify whether the Blanket has a guarantee. It’s always a good idea to check out other reviews of customers about how long-lasting some of the more expensive blankets can last before clicking “check for.”