5 Best Sleep Masks 2024 Keep It Dark

5 Best Sleep Masks 2024 Keep It DarkTravellers will see a range of sleep-related products in the airport shops. Neck pillows, earplugs and sleep masks are all able to aid people in sleeping better while on trips.

When it comes to sleep masks, customers may think they’re all identical; however, nothing could be further the opposite. Even though they appear identical on the surface, some sleeping masks are distinct from the rest.

To assist shoppers in finding the perfect sleep mask, I’ve compiled an inventory of my most loved sleep masks. We’ll also talk about who should wear the suitable sleep mask and what a great sleep mask does.

Top Picks of the Week Compared

If someone searches for sleep masks on the internet, they will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of results. So how can they be sure they’re buying a suitable sleep mask that will work?

Five of the sleep masks I’ve tested impressed me. These five masks have several intriguing features and are good quality, so be sure to read to find the perfect mask for you!

Classic Design – Alaska Bear Natural Silk

Who’s It for?

Classic Design - Alaska Bear Natural SilkThe Alaska Bear is one of the most well-known sleep masks I have seen, and even though it initially seems like an ordinary sleep mask due to its timeless style, there’s a lot more happening here.

The outer part of the face mask is constructed of Mulberry silk, a very soft material that is exceptionally soft against your face. It doesn’t experience any sensation that the mask irritates.

The second major issue when using sleeping masks concerns blocking light, which is why the Alaska Bear is black, which means that when I hold the mask up to my face and then open my eyes, I cannot see through it. The mask is snugly pressed against my face, so I do not notice any lighting coming through my nose.

Since the mask is a good fit for my face ideally and is suitable for all three sleeping positions, regardless of whether I sleep on my side, back or on my stomach, it is securely in the correct position.


  • It is constructed of Mulberry silk Soft, smooth material that is incredibly comfortable on the skin.
  • The strap can be adjusted, meaning the mask should accommodate all dimensions of people.
  • The Alaska Bear is black, works exceptionally well and blocks out nearly all light that enters the front of the mask.
  • The sleep mask can be worn in any sleep position. It will be especially effective for travel.
  • Alaska Bear Alaska Bear can be easily cleaned at home with mild soap and cool water.
  • Silk outer w/cotton inner
  • Natural sleeping aid and a relaxing eye made with Grade 5A organic silk mulberry. The only super-soft, super-smooth, and skin-friendly silk provides the cooling, breathable and breathable benefits of the soothing facial masks you can find in the most renowned spas. It’s a perfect gift for men and women of all skin types.
  • Anti-ageing — Silk has been found to decrease friction, which can help reduce pressure on wrinkled skin. It also helps to protect the delicate skin around your eyes, stopping marks that could create wrinkles.
  • Ideal for dry-eye sufferers -An ophthalmologist told me that people who have difficulty closing their eyes completely could suffer from dry eyes. You should wear an eye shade on your eyelids and hold your eyes closed to ensure you don’t wake with painful, dry eyes.
  • 100% COVERAGE and better fit A deeper or taller nose cutout will be more comfortable for all faces contours without pressing the high bridged noses
  • A GREAT ADDITION TO SLEEPING SUPPLEMENTS Silk fibres is more absorbent than cotton or poly satin materials. Therefore they will aid in keeping the pricey eye creams and moisturizing skin products in the right place so that more of your skincare remains at your fingertips, thereby saving your money while providing that calming glow at night.
  • COLORFAST and HYPOALLERGENIC Non-toxic, odourless dyes that are anti-irritation. There are no stains on the pillowcases.
  • CPAP compatible, it is easier to work with other machines’ masks and headgear.

No Eye Pressure – Nidra Deep Rest Mask

Who’s it for?

No Eye Pressure - Nidra Deep Rest MaskThe Nidra is an exceptional sleep mask that has moldable cups that prevent the mask from getting into the eye, making the Nidra an ideal choice for those seeking a hidden mask that won’t rub off their makeup.

The moldable cups could be of interest to those suffering from eye pain. When wearing this sleep mask, I don’t feel any tension in my eyes; I’ve got a substantial amount of space to open my eyes and blink with no obstruction.

Although the Nidra stands out due to its eyes, the Nidra can be used as an essential sleep mask. The thick polyester mask does not allow light to enter from the front. Additionally, the small nose ridge blocks light from getting in near the top part of the face.

Nidra is an excellent mattress for sleeping. Nidra is also incredibly lightweight and highly safe, regardless of my sleeping position. It could be a great travel partner.


  • Get a restful and peaceful sleep with this highly lightweight, soft, comfortable mattress cover on a plane, a long car ride, camping, or even in yoga and meditation. The Nidra’s cups are moulded to remove pressure from your eyes, making them very comfortable. It can also be used by those who prefer to sleep without getting their makeup smudged.
  • Patients suffering from eye pain should not experience excessive eye pressure using Nidra.
  • The Nidra can be washed at home, so keeping the sleeping mask free of oil and dirt is easy.
  • Our eye mask comes with fully adjustable velcro straps which fit every size of head circumferences, are ideal for sleepers on the side, and provide a comfortable and revitalizing sleep in every position.
  • The specially designed earring has deep-moulded cups that slant away from eyelashes and eyes to provide a comfortable, non-rubbing experience and to shield your eyes from the light without smudging your eye makeup or eyelids when you rest.
  • Nidra’s eye mask for sleep is made from soft materials and will naturally fit nasal bridges. It is adjustable to ensure the correct position when worn.
  • Perfect for women, men, teenagers, children, and adults, It is ideal for shift workers, travelling and those who sleep during the time of day. It’s the perfect present for a father, mother, sister, wife, brother or husband, boyfriend and girlfriend.

Best Cosmetic Sleep Mask – Morihata

Who’s It for?

Best Cosmetic Sleep Mask - MorihataBlockage of light is not the only reason you should buy sleep masks; some also serve an aesthetic purpose.

Morihata is one of the most popular sleep masks. It is found in all sorts of products, from face masks to toothpaste and even face masks, and it’s been proven to remove dirt and oil. Morihata is one of these sleep masks and has activated charcoal on the reverse of the cover.

With the addition of charcoal, the Morihata can minimize eye puffiness and help keep the skin soft. So, those awake with bags around their eyes should consider using the Morihata.

The sleep mask doesn’t block the majority of light. However, when I put my eyes on this mask, I observe a lot of light. But, an additional fabric strap runs along the side of the back, blocking most light from getting in close to the nose.

As a sleeping mask, The Morihata may not be the most effective at making you feel dark; however, it’s the ideal option for people looking for a mask that will aid in waking up looking fresh and clean.


  • It is a charcoal source intended to reduce the puffiness around the eyes.
  • The Morihata comprises a fabric strip that should block most light from reaching the nose.
  • Owners can clean their Morihata by themselves, meaning it’s a breeze to keep the eye mask clean.
  • The strap is adjustable, making it simple to adjust the Morihata to the head of almost anyone.
  • Eye mask for rejuvenation and travel made with Japanese charcoal, binchotan.
  • The organic cotton lining utilizes the rejuvenating properties of binchotan to diminish the appearance of bags, puffiness and circles around the eyes and reduce symptoms of fatigue.
  • It gently wraps around the eye region with an adjustable band that can block all surrounding light and help to calm the mind.
  • Utilize it regularly for meditation, plane journeys, stress reduction or for a restful night’s sleep
  • It is essential to be aware that this mask will not block 100 100% of light

Best For Pain Relief – the IMAK Eye Pillow

Who’s it for?

Best For Pain Relief - the IMAK Eye PillowThe IMAK isn’t just another sleep mask; it’s an “eye pillow” and weighs more than other masks listed on this list.

ErgoBeads help gives the IMAK weight, give the IMAK a more natural body, and provide an incredible massage effect in the area of the eyes.

An ortho surgeon developed the IMAK to alleviate the pain in the eyes, sinuses, headaches, migraines, and sinus pain. The website specifically states that people working at screens for hours will appreciate the calming quality of the mask.

Due to its weight, the IMAK can also provide high-pressure deep tissues, the therapeutic pressure you find in blankets with weight. Pressure in the deep tissue has been proven to reduce cortisol levels while increasing dopamine and serotonin levels, which means that one’s mood can significantly increase after wearing the IMAK throughout the night.

The mask blocks most light; however, it’s heavy to be used on the stomach or side sleeping. Moreover, as I moved about late at night, it fell off my face.

If you want an eye mask to treat sinus or eye pain, the IMAK would undoubtedly work.


  • The ergo beads massage the eye area, which results in a relaxing experience.
  • The pillow for the eye can help reduce symptoms of sinus pain, eye pain and headaches.
  • The IMAK blocks a lot of light and can be an essential sleeping mask.
  • The IMAK Eye pillow could be put in the freezer for additional cooling relief throughout the night.
  • Pain-Relieving. An ortho surgeon created the eyemask pillow to alleviate headaches, migraines, eye strain and sinus pain. Its ergo beads with massaging properties provide a gentle massage to the eyes. Additionally, its patent-pending stitching design reduces the pressure on the eyes.
  • Soothing. It is a great way to relax. IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask can also be used for relaxation and meditation, relieving travel stress and bringing relief to the eyes after long hours of computer work or gaming. The weighted compression helps to create a sense of calm.
  • Utilize It Chilled. It is possible to store your IMAK eye mask to relieve headaches in the freezer and provide tremendous relief for tired and puffy eyes without the brutality of frozen or ice gel packs.
  • Light-Blocking. This eye mask with a weighted strap for sleepers conforms to the eyes and face to block out light, making it perfect for falling asleep and staying asleep. An elastic strap is solid and durable to keep the mask on for sleeping on your side.
  • Comfortable. The air-tight cotton material feels comfortable and feels soft against your skin. It’s not made from natural rubber latex, which eliminates the chance that allergic reactions could occur.

Best Light Blockage – Mavogel

Who’s it for?

Best Light Blockage - MavogelMavogel Mavogel is a sleeping mask that has some exciting characteristics. It is equipped with wings on both sides, which help to disperse tension away from the middle of the mask. This reduces the pressure on the eyes.

The sleep mask is equipped with an elastic cartilage strip that can be bent around the nose. with just two fingers, and it’s easy to bend the wire to match the nasal ridge. This stops light from entering the area around the nose. Combine this with the heavier grey material, and you won’t have any light leakage. Even when I opened my eyes while wearing the mask, I could only see darkness.

The Mavogel is soft and has a pleasant feel, comprising several layers of soft fabric and sponginess. If you’re looking for a comfy sleeping mask that keeps the sun out must consider the Mavogel.


  • Perfect Light Blockout mask features a patent-pending cartilage design that bends, is flexible and long-lasting, blocking light coming through the nose. Wings facing the mask’s sides will keep pressure off the eyes.
  • Flexible cartilage makes sure that no light leaks from the area around the nose.
  • The Mavogel blocks nearly all light, which should aid many people in sleeping better.
  • A strap that can be adjusted can make the Mavogel an ideal headband that can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes.
  • It allows you to sleep soundly or even nap anywhere!
  • Eyes Feel Relaxed – This mask’s soft, cotton triangle-shaped wing design can prevent it from moving. It also keeps your head and eyes from stress, allowing you to wake refreshed and rested.
  • Super Soft And Comfortable The sleep mask has five layers of super-breathable fabric, including cotton, modifier, and elastic sponge, providing you with ultra-soft and fresh eyes.
  • Handmade – Each cutting and sewing is done by hand. Smooth, neat and tight seams guarantee minimal friction during sleep and with no pressure.
  • Travel pouch included – small pouches of cotton included to allow you to carry eye masks to sleep in when you are taking a trip or on long flights.

What is a Sleep Mask Help Someone?

There are various reasons one should consider purchasing an eye mask for sleep, and there are plenty of advantages to using these devices; therefore, read this article to find out if a sleep mask is a wise option.

  • They can keep light from the sleepers’ eyes. The main reason to invest in an eye mask for sleep is that it will block out sunlight; our cycles of circadian activity are significantly affected by light. Wearing a sleep mask could aid in getting more REM sleep. It can also enhance the body’s production of the melatonin hormone, making it possible to rest more deeply. Sleep masks can be particularly beneficial if you have an unusual schedule for work, and people who work at night and sleep throughout the day should think about a sleeping mask.
  • They can help travellers sleep during their travels. When someone embarks on a destination, typically, they have little control over the light sources around them. Whether travelling by train or plane, most travellers will be irritated by the lights. A simple sleep mask can assist in blocking out unwanted light. Likewise, a sleeping mask could be beneficial when they’re trying to get their bodies clock back in order following moving to a different zone.
  • They may aid in alleviating pain. Eye masks, like the above IMAK Eye Pillow, have therapeutic properties. They aid in reducing the pain in the eyes and sinuses, relieve migraines and offer a practical and healthy compression of the eyes.
  • They may have aesthetic benefits. Masks for sleep can also aid in improving the appearance of one’s face. Many sufferers awake with bags under their eyes. Specific sleep masks have ingredients such as charcoal that reduce puffiness. Other sleep masks can even reduce wrinkles!

What should a person think about when purchasing a sleep Mask?

As with the majority of mattresses and bedding, There isn’t a sleeping mask that is suitable for all, and those who believe that a sleep mask may be beneficial for them should take into consideration the following factors:

  • What type of environment will the mask used for sleep be within? It is always essential to consider the location where you will use the sleep mask. For instance, will the mask be used at home? If the person resides in an area with abundant light pollution or If someone is planning to use it to travel, will it be in a safe place while they travel about?
  • What is the position that the user sleeps on? As with any sleep aid, it’s crucial to consider the sleeping position. If one sleeps on their back, most of these masks work; however, if they lie on their sides and opt for a more oversized mask that doesn’t suit their face and falls off during rest.
  • What is the best way to ensure that your sleep mask sits? The mask won’t be of much use to someone when it doesn’t fit properly, so ensure that it fits the head instantly or has straps that can be adjusted. The majority of sleep masks have an adjustable strap. Double-check to make sure.
  • Do you find the sleep mask especially easy to wash? After using a sleep mask for some time, you may notice dirt and oil buildup. So, try to find one that is simple to wash at home.

All in all

If sleeping masks are beneficial, one of these five options could work. It is easy to locate the perfect one! However, those looking for more must keep these guidelines in mind.

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