Intex Dura-Beam Plus Queen Air Mattress Review

Intex Dura-Beam Plus Queen Air Mattress

Airbeds have been in phase of accusations over the years. Buyers then used to find it inconvenient and bothersome to use. But the excitement here is that new ones have upgraded in their futuristic.

Of course, you can now use air mattresses without feeling immersed. In fact, you can inflate air mattresses, and it would last for days before deflating.

And, those are the same with this new Intex Dura-Beam Plus Queen Air Mattress. The flocking top and the entire constructionare super thick. Unlike the previous ones, this product doesn’t need to be hoisted before you get the best use it.

It has a built-in pump and inflating this won’t be a problem at all. Our product is a model to most so-called premium ones in the marketplace. It’s a quality queen-size mattress that is firm.

You can use it indoor and outdoor. Although it’s not great for using it as a trampoline, yet you can have a fantastic sex experience on this.

And, saving this is so exhilarating, trust me. Invariably, this can be the best substitute for your foam mattress. Laying of bedding on it is outstanding also. Check for more information below for explicit explanation:

Intex Dura-Beam Plus Queen Air Mattress Review: 5 Major Features

1. Fiber-Tech ConstructionIntex Dura-Beam Plus Mattress

The material used for the construction of this product is fiber. The nadir has heavy-duty rubber, and the top is velour with fabric.

Notwithstanding, the dimension of this product is 80 x 60 x 22 inches and weighs 21 pounds. This is a Queen mattress, which is 22” tall. The top and the nadir are waterproof.

Therefore, you can use either of the phases as the main top, and its functionality won’t dwindle.

And, each could be set on a wet/damp surface, but you can use a repellent such as topper to make the thickness evenly distributed. There is a built-in electric pump on it, and. It comes with the needful accessories such as a charger and so on.

2. Built-in Electric Pump

The electric pump that comes with this is built-in. There is a switch on it that makes the inflation simple. The built-in electric pump has a dial that it uses to inflate and deflate air from the airbed. So, it’s one that you can use conveniently.

However, you can inflate/deflate this with the use of a manual pump in the absence of electricity. It doesn’t come with a remote, but there is a button on it.

The dual voltage on this is 110V and 120V.  The power switch on this is excellent. It takes about five minutes before it inflate/deflate completely.

3. Usability

The top of the air mattress is waterproof. And, the fabric at the top is tear-proof. It’s a product which inflation can last for two nights. So, to keep the unit from deflation before the stipulated period is moving the dial half-way between inflate and deflate.

Furthermore, there is a flocking at the top. The product is one that lay upon and can use. And, that’s because the fabric is ample thick to the extent that it claws can’t just pierce through no matter their efforts.

It works with sheets that are of the same size. Nonetheless, the maximum weight limit for this is 600 pounds. In other words, it’s one that more than two chubby adults can use at the same time.

4. ReliabilityIntex Dura-Beam Plus Queen

It’s a product that provides you with the full control you crave for as a buyer. With the dial, you can determine the level of air deduction so that you can be more convenient.

Also, the firmness of the air mattress is apt. That’s what makes it usable indoors and outdoor.

There is no complexity with the use of this product at all. It comes with simple functions, and you can use it without the aid of a manual.

5. Brand

The Intex Company has a lot of products in the marketplace. Their products range from one section of camping to another. The company has maintained a good track records, and they have been able to stack it with excellent customer services.

What you’d even cherish about their air mattress is that they have a dependable built-in electric pump. There is also a designated spot to save the charger.

Honestly, you can’t get it wrong with the use of their products. Their warranty is something to always look out for, and they are one company with trusted policies.

Product Benefits
  • The gross weight for this air mattress is 600 pounds.
  • It is an inflatable air mattress of queen size.
  • It comes with a duffel bag.
  • There is a dial on it for its inflation and deflation.
  • This product comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • This doesn’t constitute nuisances at all.
  • The steadiness is even across the whole mattress.
  • It is usable anywhere.
  • The product comes with the needful accessories that are needed to have the instant use of the air mattress.
  • It inflates air mattress within 5 minutes.
The Negative Things
  • None

Personal Opinion and Feedback

Unique Insights on the Intex Dura-Beam Plus

Having tested numerous air mattresses over the years, I’ve found that the Intex Dura-Beam Plus Queen Air Mattress stands out for several reasons. First, its comfort level is impressive, thanks to its Dura-Beam technology. This internal construction enhances support, stability, and comfort, making it feel more like a traditional mattress than a temporary air bed.

In my experience, the Dura-Beam Plus stands out because of its durability and ease of use. Air mattresses are often prone to leaks and wear over time, but the Intex Dura-Beam Plus has proven resilient. Its puncture-resistant material has withstood regular use in my household, from kids’ sleepovers to accommodating guests for extended stays.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the inflation and deflation process. With its built-in pump, the setup is straightforward and fast. I’ve inflated and deflated this mattress multiple times, and it consistently reaches full firmness in about 4-5 minutes, which is quite efficient compared to other models.

However, it’s not without its minor drawbacks. When moving around, the surface can be squeaky, and inflated to the right firmness can lead to a more-than-optimal sleep experience. But, with a bit of trial and error to find the perfect inflation level, these issues become negligible.

Compared to other air mattresses, including some high-end models, the Intex Dura-Beam Plus offers a compelling blend of comfort, durability, and value for money. Its features and performance are on par with, if not superior to, many competitors in its price range.

In conclusion, the Intex Dura-Beam Plus Queen Air Mattress has exceeded my expectations in many areas. Its reliability and comfort make it a standout choice for anyone needing a quality air mattress. Whether for occasional use or more regular sleeping arrangements, it has proven to be a worthwhile investment.


How do you inflate an Intex Dura Beam Plus air mattress?

To inflate the Intex Dura-Beam Plus air mattress:

  1. Unpack the mattress and lay it flat on the ground, ensuring no sharp objects are underneath.
  2. Locate the built-in pump control panel and plug the cord into an electrical outlet.
  3. Turn the knob to the “inflate” position and allow the mattress to fill until it reaches your desired firmness.

This process typically takes about 4-5 minutes. Once inflated, turn the knob back to the “off” position and unplug the pump.

How much weight can a queen Intex air mattress hold?

A queen-sized Intex air mattress can generally hold up to 600 pounds (272 kg) and is designed to accommodate two average-sized adults comfortably.

Can you overinflate an Intex air mattress?

You can overinflate an Intex air mattress, leading to damage or burst seams. To avoid this, fill the mattress until it’s firm but not excessively tight, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding maximum inflation.

Why does my Intex air mattress have a bulge in the middle?

A bulge in the middle of an Intex air mattress can occur due to overinflation, uneven weight distribution, or internal damage. Adjust the air level or check for internal issues like torn beams to fix this. If the problem persists, contact Intex support for further assistance.

What is the difference between Intex Plus and Deluxe?

The main difference between Intex Plus and Deluxe models lies in their construction and features. The Plus models typically offer Dura-Beam technology with enhanced comfort and stability, while Deluxe models might include:

  • Additional features like a higher bed height.
  • More sophisticated air coil technology for improved support.
  • Built-in pillows or headboards.

How long does it take to inflate an Intex queen air mattress?

Inflating an Intex queen air mattress usually takes 4-5 minutes, depending on the model and pump efficiency. Some high-powered pumps can inflate the mattress faster.

What are the disadvantages of an inflatable air mattress?

Disadvantages of an inflatable air mattress include the potential for air leakage, less durability compared to traditional mattresses, discomfort if over or under-inflated, noise during movement, and the need for regular inflation adjustments.

Will Intex replace an air mattress?

Intex may replace an air mattress if it has manufacturing defects or issues covered under the warranty period. It’s essential to keep the purchase receipt and adhere to the warranty terms and conditions, including proper usage and care instructions.

Buying Guides – How to Buy Intex Dura-Beam Plus Queen Air Mattress?

Queen Air Mattress

1. Factors to Consider

Most buyers prioritize price tags of products above any other necessities, and that’s not nice at all. The primary factor, however, should be the capability of a product to meet your basic needs.

However, at times, too, you might need to put your budget into considerations also. But that shouldn’t be the ultimate when you can check out for other Intex Dura products.

Furthermore, another feature to consider is the warranty. And, this won’t disappoint you either. In a nutshell, regardless of your standards, this product would make you have a pleasant transaction.

2. Steps of Approach

The stages of approaches include the itemization of futures that you’d want to find in prospective products.

Honestly, you would hardly find a product that can meet the whole requirements in most lists. However, one that we are sure that would satisfy almost the entire requirements is this.

The product is one that you can conveniently use indoor and outdoor. The futuristic can make your convenience easy when using it anywhere.

And, if this seem not to have the full features that you need, then you might need to check other models that are made by this brand.

3. Make Comparison

And, having got the product that has standard features with the primary one that you want to purchase in the initial, then you might need to make a comparison before making the final purchase.

What most prospective buyers don’t understand is that they would learn about the product when they do that. In fact, one would be a savvy at shopping well.

However, we advise you to make your comparison to be among Intex products. The fact is that it’s great that you have it within this website so that you can be more detailed. It’s a tip that would aid you in making the right transaction.

4. Hit the Purchase Button

There is a button that is provided here. The switch would allude you to purchasing directly from amazon. And, you can use the avenue to learn more about the product itself.

You can check the customer’s comments and the questions and answer so that you can have a better insight about a product. This would be of immense aid to you directly or indirectly.

And, if you have further questions, then you might need to contact the manufacturer for help directly. You can even find suitable alternatives, but we’ll always want you to buy from a service you can trust. And, that’s why we’re recommending this to you.

5. Begin its Use

Once you’ve purchased, we advise you to wait for the delivery. Always check the product whenever it’s delivered before you give your reviews. If possible, you might need to inflate and deflate it before you begin to use it.

And, if in case accidents happens along the line, and you’re still under the stipulated period for the warranty. You, then, might need to contact Amazon or the manufacturer for complaint. Finally, we’ll like to get your reviews also.

Final Verdict

Products manufactured by Intex Company are known for uniqueness. They are ones that you can rely on the futuristic.

See, every feature that we detailed here the same with those you’ll experience while using it. The product is one of the best made by Intex.

You can use it indoor and outdoor. No flaws in its design at all. This is not susceptible to water penetration. In fact, the whole part of the airbed is puncture-resistant.

And, if you’ve got an iota of that about the features, then you can take a step by relying on the 1-year warranty policy of the manufacturer. And, just as you know that Intex won’t disappoint you. You can maximize on their policy to make a lasting transaction.

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